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A Dyno is a massive piece of equipment that's used to measure horsepower. Many performance car manufacturers will complete Dyno tuning services as a last step before releasing their vehicles onto the market. This allows them to test the car's performance before it hits the road.

If you're interested in performance tuning services for your personal vehicle, Automotive ER is here to help. Call today to schedule an appointment at our shop in Stevensville, MT.

How can you benefit from our services?

How can you benefit from our services?

Automotive ER is one of the few auto shops in the state with access to a Dyno. You should hire us for performance tuning services if you want to:

Achieve increased horsepower and torque while maintaining an optimal air-fuel ratio
Give your car as much power as you can without sacrificing safety or reliability
Measure your vehicle's horsepower to determine which parameters should be adjusted

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